About us

We have a passion for comprehensive wellness and lasting results. We’ve been training clients in health and fitness for over 20 years. Our experience and knowledge has given us the tools to motivate people to establish accountability and learn the habits that are key to a healthy lifestyle. We created Mbrace Studio to help people surpass goals in an exciting community.  All of our body’s are different and no two bodies are alike. We will show you how to be an advocate for YOUR self, YOUR time, and YOUR aspirations. We will sharpen your “body mind”, so you will understand and perform exercise moves correctly and get stronger after every workout. Mbrace Studio workouts will never feel like a chore, because they are tailor made to be fun, safe and effective. ​ 
Music is a huge component in our classes, so every class will showcase a new playlist of hip hop, EDM and dance beats to light your inner fire! Being mothers of three, we are here to be your advocates, sisters and partners. ​ 

Join us and take 30-45 minutes of your day, just for you. You deserve this. We look forward to meeting you to MBRACE your unique power.

Who we are & how we started this