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30 for 30

(Every Body Part)
We take your excuses off the table with these workouts. Every workout style, every body part, every fitness level. Give us 30 minutes and Mbrace the fitness habit.
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The Technique

(Strength + Cardio)
This is the foundation of Mbrace Studio. Functional training meets high-intensity intervals in this class. We use weights with just the right amount of cardio to melt fat, build lean muscle mass and improve your overall strength and endurance.
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Power Up

The perfect blend of dynamic and isolated movements using weights and body weight. This class delivers a full-body explosion of bodybuilding and strength. Get ready to transform your body.
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Hi & Tight

(HIIT + High-Reps)
Cut and define your body, using high reps and light weights. We focus on the “time under tension” technique.
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Sculpt & Go

(20-30 min)
This is your lunchtime High-Intensity all-out calorie burner. Get ready to fire up those fast-twitch muscle fibers with agility, speed, and power.
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Combat & Abs

(Cardio + Abs)
Grab a set of light weights and get ready to pummel your stress. The perfect mix of full-body cardio and killer abdominal work.
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(Total Body Flow)
Active rest day workout. Restorative and detoxifying exercises increase flexibility and circulation in this total-body flow class.
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What Our members say

Meet the Team

Andrea Sharp

My main goal is to help people find consistency in their fitness routine and create a healthy relationship with food. I am your accountability partner. I have 15 years of experience as an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer. I have a passion for health and fitness and have worked with 100+ clients. I am an approachable leader with expertise, so I take the intimidation factor out of starting an exercise routine.

Diana Dee

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Ex Instructor, specializing in Functional Training, HIIT, and Bodybuilding. I started out in my training when I lived in Los Angeles, after having two kids. Now a mama of three, I understand what our bodies our capable of. Music has always been a passion of mine too, which is why I will always ensure you feel pumped up, when you’re working out with us. I want you to feel empowered, strong and confident in your body. 
You deserve to feel amazing, and my passion is to get you there. 
Emily Sullivan Regisitered Dietician

Emily Sullivan

My name is Emily– I’m a registered dietitian, a professionally trained chef, and a certified personal trainer.  I studied medical dietetics at The Ohio State University, and worked in many different areas as a dietitian- from clinical nutrition to oncology nutrition research, to outpatient nutrition counseling.

Eat Right, Feel Right

Weekly Meal Plans

Don’t spoil your hard workout with the wrong food!

Fitness and wellbeing are interlocked with nutritious and tasty food. Optionally, we provide healthy meal plans that complement your workout goals, such as:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner &
  • Snack options
The best thing, it’s all dietician created & approved.
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